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The Circular Economy: An Introduction

A term that often pops up while reading about sustainable development, efficiency or growth is "circular economy". We should aim to shift towards a circular economy model to reduce our environmental footprint, optimize costs, produce efficiently... and so on. But what is  the circular economy? Why should businesses, industries and people care? This post should serve as a short introduction to the concept.  Essentially, the circular economy is the more sustainable alternative to our current "linear" economy system.  What most industries do right now is: Take, Make and Dispose. Extract resources, process them into products, dispose off after use as waste. This is a linear system, the waste after use ultimately goes back to the earth and is, more often than not, toxic, unusable or takes long to biodegrade. Our economy runs on this linear chain of events. In the long run, this is definitely not a sustainable approach, since we can only &