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On Being a Teen

[Edit: Nearly two years after writing this, I realize how quickly I've grown and thoughts have changed over time, I feel quite differently about being a teenager now! I'm pretty sure I'll say this again next year...]

Someone asked what it feels like to be a teenager in 2014. I'm 17, and I can say, being a teen is something I like as much as I dislike:

There are way too many opportunities today in 2014, but way too much competition too. The idea of being "above-average" has been drilled into our heads, it seems like a normal average person can get nowhere today. There's a bundle of expectations from us kids. I have self-set expectations too. Seeing so many people do brilliant things at this age makes me want to be like one of them too.I feel connected. Technology arrived the right time for our generation, in my opinion. I am Indian, but the whole "global citizen" concept means a lot to me. The internet has helped me connect to people I would've…